Captain Ralph Towlen

Host, Co-Producer and Partner

“It’s all about catching the fish and feeding the people.” – Captain Ralph

Most boys at the age of 5 would receive as a birthday gift, a baseball glove, a football, a hockey stick. Captain Ralph Towlen got his first boat. Since then, his whole life has revolved around the sea, scuba certification at the age of 12, commercial clamming at the age of 14, commercial fishing and gillnetting for bait fish at the age of 16… you name it, he did it.

His passion for the sea lead him to become rebreather diver, certified down to 220’ feet, allowing him to obtain seafood on shipwrecks not available via other conventional methods. Years of commercial fishing with his two boats—the 31’ offshore “Halftime” and the 22’ inshore “Overtime”—from his dock slip in Shinnecock Inlet, Long Island has allowed Captain Ralph and his crew to cook what they caught right on his boat. The Chefs that Captain Ralph knew for years and the new Chefs of recent on Long Island and New York City have come to love the fresh seafood he catches, which allows these top Chefs to create new and inspiring dishes.

This is how Capt Ralph’s Seafood Safari was born.

This is Capt Ralph’s Seafood Safari’s story.

Mark S. Pensavalle

Co-Producer and Partner

Since co-founding Starlight Runner in 2000, Mark Pensavalle works closely with business partner Jeff Gomez on the development and expansion of the company. As a member of the core creative team, he has worked on the world’s largest and most lucrative entertainment franchises and consumer brands from Disney’s Pirates of the Caribbean to Coca-Cola’s Happiness Factory to Microsoft’s Halo. As a producer accredited by the Producers Guild of America and production manager, he contributes to literary, live-action, animated and gaming content, grooming intellectual properties to reach the largest possible international audience.

Mark entered the book trade in 1987. He has since served as Production Manager for such major publishers as HarperCollins, where he worked on high-profile secret projects such as Under Fire by Oliver North. Later at Random House, he became renowned in the industry for taking Thomas Harris’ Hannibal from manuscript to print in less than five weeks. He oversees production on Starlight Runner’s printed and digital text materials, including lavish franchise mythology documents, audiovisual presentations, books, and comic books.

Mark Pensavalle is also an avid Surfcaster fisherman.